July 22, 2020 – ARK Invest: Big Ideas 2020 Webinar

Lighthouse Wealth Management utilizes some of ARK’s investment products in model portfolios. As one of the front runners in identifying disruptive investment opportunities, we at Lighthouse welcome the opportunity to create a connection between our clients and the thought leaders at ARK.

Who is ARK Investment Management (ARK)?

ARK aims to provide broad exposure to disruptive innovation. They believe innovations centered around artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing, and blockchain technology will change the way the world works and deliver outsized growth as industries transform.

What can I expect from the webinar?

First and foremost, we recognize that noon is prime ‘lunch hour’. With that being said, this webinar will primarily be a ‘listen and learn’ environment. Although of course, questions will be welcomed at the end! So feel free to sit down with your lunch and tune into an intriguing discussion on today’s disruptive technology.

When is the webinar?

The webinar will take place at 12pm noon on Wednesday, July 22nd.

‘Where’ is the webinar taking place?

Virtually – from your couch! We will provide additional details on how to ‘sign on’ as we get closer to the webinar date.

Want even more details?

Check out the ARK Big Ideas 2020 overview (click here to open the PDF)!

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